Nate Marquardt – Can’t Touch This!

by John David ~ July 15th, 2012

MC Hammer posted this picture on Instagram after Nate Marquardt’s violent finish over Tyron Woodley to win the Strikeforce welterweight belt.

Nate poses with the boss

If Marquart continues to fight like he did tonight, nobody else will touch this belt for a long time! I know MC Hammer is a strong force in MMA these days, but every time I see him I can’t help but think of this:

Chael Sonnen turns Rapper!

by John David ~ May 25th, 2012

Jon Jones – What a douche!

by John David ~ May 20th, 2012

Jonny Bones Jones Drunk Driving accidentJonny Bones Jones, famous for handling the most vicious fighters in the UFC, apparently hasn’t learned yet how to handle a few drinks.  He can dodge a punch and a kick, but put him behind the wheel of a new Bentley and he suddenly has difficulty avoiding a pole that hasn’t moved in the past few decades!

Boxing Insider reported: The most interesting part of this arrest is in the court of public opinion. Jones, a self-proclaimed God-fearing Christian with “Philippians 4:13” tattooed across his front shoulder, has been attacked as being fake by his critics. Jones has always tried to present a squeaky clean image, but fans and even other fighters have hinted that he may be much more of a party boy than he leads on.

I have doubted the sincerity of this guy since he arrived on the MMA scene. Frankly, I am not a Jon Bones fan. His arrogant attitude has always contradicted his Philippians 4:13 tattoo. Every time he crouched across the ring like some invincible gay tiger I am temped to turn the TV off. I only keep it on hoping to see someone knock him out. This latest incident and arrest just further proves the point that this kid is as fake as they come, and he has a long way to go to prove himself as a true professional (or an adult) and a worthy representative of the title of UFC Champion. We don’t expect our UFC champions to be role models and priests, but a little humility would be a nice start.

Most bloggers are all forgiving saying that it was his first offense and a mistake that the judge should forgive, but what if that pole had been your child instead? He’s lucky his irresponsibility just damaged a pole and his precious $190K car. Somebody needs to teach him the importance of managing his money, and if he is going to try to make a statement as a Christian role model, he might want to back off on the lavish/selfish lifestyle and alcohol consumption. Just my opinion… 

Personally, I can’t wait to see the belt relinquished to a humble worthy opponent who knows how to behave like an adult!

Did Ronda Rousey Save Strikeforce?

by John David ~ March 5th, 2012

After her spectacular armbar to win the title, Ronda Rousey has become the most talked about fighter in the world.  Her vicious victory over Tate created a buzz in the MMA world that hasn’t been seen since the Griffin/Bonnar fight. Could it be that she has single-handedly (or should I say single-armedly) saved Strikeforce?

 It seems impossible to resist talking about her on Twitter:

Mayhem and rouseyRousey most popular fighter now

Roy Nelson Visits Japan

by John David ~ March 4th, 2012

Roy Nelson posted this video of his recent trip to Japan for UFC 144. It turns out that Roy is quite the comedian!

In this video Roy talks about why Japanese people wear surgery masks, Baskin-Robbins, why he wears two wedding rings, and how to eat blowfish testicles.


The armbar felt around the world

by John David ~ March 4th, 2012

Twitter exploded tonight when Ronda Rousey broke off Miesha Tate’s arm to strip her of the bantamweight belt in shocking fashion. Ironically, was the first to tweet a link to pictures of the gruesome submission:

Duane Ludwig had the funniest tweet of the night. When asked if he would step into the ring with Ronda Rousey he replied: “If I was the ref.”

Rousey posted this link to the armbar video later on twitter.


Jon Jones hires new nutrition coach

by John David ~ March 2nd, 2012

Rumor has it that Jon “Bones” Jones has hired Rampage Jackson’s nutrition coach:

UFC on Fuel TV 2 – Who is Papy?

by John David ~ March 1st, 2012 has posted the fight card for UFC on Fuel TV 2 scheduled for April 14, 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden. Some of the more recognizable names on the card include Rogerio NogueriaAlexander Gustafsson , and one of our favorites, Brian Stann – but what we were really left wondering is who in the hell is Papy Abedi???

Papy is scheduled to fight James Head in the middleweight division.  We searched all over the internet and finally found a picture that may be of Papy on Google:

Papy UFC on Fuel Spoof
Papy Abedi vs. James Head – 4/14/2012 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ryan Bader’s Cool Gift

by John David ~ February 27th, 2012

Ryan Bader posted a picture of the cool gift he received commemorating his victory over Rampage Jackson at UFC 144.


Bart Palaszewski’s foot injury & tattoos

by John David ~ February 27th, 2012

Bart Palaszewski shows off his foot injuries after his tough fight with Hatsu-Hioki:

His purple toes look pretty sick! Speaking of purple, is this the only part of Bart’s body that doesn’t have any ink? During UFC 144 Joe Rogan joked that he wondered how Palaszeski had any time to fight since he spent so much time getting tattooed. Check out these pictures he posted on twitter:

He is well on his way to being the most tattooed fighter in the UFC. We will have to wait and see if he has any new ink on that foot for his next fight.

Tattoos aside, if you missed UFC 144 try to find a video of Palaszeski’s arm bar escape from Hioki in the first round. Rogan and Goldberg were falling all over themselves trying to out-complement Hioki on his improved performance and they missed how epic of an escape that was. Too bad they don’t make highlight reels of great escapes. That one would be at the top. He should get a bonus for Escape of the Night!

Hatsu Hioki tries to armbar Bart Palaszewski at UFC 144 on Feb. 25, 2012 in Saitama, Japan. Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting

Brendan Schaub Gets All Tied Up

by John David ~ February 27th, 2012

Brendan Schaub arrived in New York today for a shoot with a sponsor:

We are not sure why he was tied up for this picture, but maybe he was demonstrating a new diet technique to help Rampage make weight for his next fight?

Rampage Jackson Misses Weight for UFC 144

by John David ~ February 27th, 2012

Quinton Rampage Jacksons apologized to his fans on twitter after failing to make weight for his fight with Ryan Bader in Japan at UFC 144. He weighed in at 211 for the 205 pound light heavy weight fight.

Jackson was forced to forfeit 20% of his purse to Bader who went on to win the fight. Jackson’s camp did not offer any explanation for his inability to make weight.

Update: March 1, 2012

Jackson blamed Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for his inability to make weight in an interview with Gary Alexander on

Thiago’s first meal down under

by John David ~ February 23rd, 2012

Thiago Alves arrived in Australia today, ahead of his fight with Martin Kampmann scheduled for March 3rd in Sydney. He was kind enough to post a picture of his first meal in Australia for us:

I wonder if he is worried about making weight this time? (You may recall he has missed the initial weigh-in three out his last seven fights.) In November his team claimed their scale was miscalibrated. Along with purchasing a new scale, they may want to suggest cutting back on the triple orders of French fries until after the fight!

Meanwhile, half a world away in Houston, Bas Rutten enjoys never having to make weight again. He partakes in a pre-birthday celebration, downing half of these personalized cupcakes.

Speaking of  not making weight, what happened to Rampage Jackson at the UFC 144 weigh-ins?

Cowboy Cerrone’s Hog kills Chicken

by John David ~ March 12th, 2011

@Cowboycerrone Cowboy Cerrone
Holy shit my new hog is a killer!! Took out my rooster!! Bit the head O-F-F off!!

Bas Rutten’s Pet Rabbit

by John David ~ March 11th, 2011

@BasRuttenMMA Bas Rutten
Our rabbit “Peanut butter”

Phil Baroni’s Dog

by John David ~ September 21st, 2010

Phil Baroni introduced his dog “Marciano” to twitter today.

Brian Stann’s Puffer Fish

by John David ~ August 21st, 2010


Brian Stann posted this picture of his aquarium on Twitter today after something apparently spooked his puffer fish. He probably just overheard Stann talking about the brutality that he plans on reigning down on his next opponent in the octagon! A clown fish can be seen scampering away in the background.

Thiago Tavares introduces Kayla to Twitter

by John David ~ August 2nd, 2010


Jamie Varner’s Pups

by John David ~ July 27th, 2010


Michael Bisping’s German Shepherd

by John David ~ July 11th, 2010

Michael says: “yeah he’s a big sod, keeps me fit though as he loves his runs”


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